Faith Rock Baptist Church




Archers of Faith Turkey Shoot


SHOOTING DISTANCE - Varies greatly but generally is somewhere between 10 and 35 yards. 

The going rate is 1-3 tickets per shot depending on Prize

TIES - When we don't have a clear winner! Shooters who tied in a round get another chance.
At most
matches this is done by reshooting for the tie shots.

PRIZES - bologna, bacon, ham, turkey.

Of course for 1 ticket shots were  not going  to give away a Ham and that's not likely.
If we have 10 shooters per round at 3 tickets that's $30.
The prize will be worth more than the shooter paid for the round..


PAY OUT -  Originally, Turkey Shoot winnings are a ham, side of bacon, a turkey, etc. 
These days there is quite a variety of meats to win.  All winners are given a purchase voucher.


FAIR & HONEST  is the only way to run this shoot. It is highly suggested that our  judge,
or anyone that
volunteers for the FRBC Events,
does not shoot in events while they are volunteering.......
Although there's been many a time that, due to a low turn out, shooters have agreed
to allow the judge or its volunteers to participate.

But it should be entirely up to the shooters, otherwise it only
raises questions about how fair and honest
a shoot is. 
Nothing ruins a shoot faster than a question of fairness.

Archers bring there own Equipment!
Archers Please follow all range rules!
Judge has the right not to let Aracher Shoot if rules violation!

Safety First!


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